Runoterveisiä Nepalista

Kehitysministerin Nepalin vierailu innoitti Dhruba Kumar Prasain kirjoittamaan runon “In the name of Heidi Hautala”. [:]

In the name of Heidi Hautala

Hats off to you, Heidi
Born in a happy, blissful family
Brought up in Europe
Came to Nepal to tour around villages
You were touched by our poverty
And got emotional
Starvation here
Made you have terrible feelings
Used stone grinding machine yourself
Experienced for yourself
What it would be like to carry wood in bamboo basket
Then you knew
What is unhappiness
Where Nepal stands
Therefore, Heidi
From this foreign lady
To you on behalf of motherland Nepal
Salute from this brave Gorkha native
On looking at your fond of love to poverty
Your friendship with poor
God promise, Heidi, I must say
Though late
Though far in distance
Yogmaya has taken rebirth

You are great, Heidi!
I promise,
Never seen Sahana Pradhans using stone grinding machine
Although for show business
Never seen Araju or Sujatas
Carrying wood on their back
Nor seen Pampha or Hisilas
Using stone grinding machine
Applying belt to carry a load
Even for just to share pain

You are great, therefore
Daughter of Nepal motherland
Taller in height than the Mount Everest
Holier than Ganga or Lumbini
My Gorkha salute to you
in the name of Heidi Hautala

Salute to you, Heidi!


Runossa esiintyvät henkilöt ovat

– Sujata: GP Koiral’s daughter, former-foreign minister and a women activist, senior leader of NC
– Arju: a feminist, social work and key player in politics and social work not only being the spouse of Former- PM Sher Bdr Deuba
– Yogmaya- who suspected suicide after a long fight for the rights of Widow/single women in eastern part of the country during Rana regime
– Hisila: ex-minister and spouse of Dr. Bhattarai and a Maoist politburo member
– Pampha: Maoist women activist, ex-minister and a Maoist politburo member

– Sahana  Pradhan, wife of founder president of Nepal Communist Party
– Pushpa Lal Shrestha, CPN-UML leader, woman activist advocating emancipation of inequality against women, former deputy prime minister