Hautala seuraa kiinalaisen asianajajan Yang Zaixinin tapausta

“Punaisen metsän hotelli” -dokumenttielokuvan tekijät ovat vedonneet ministeri Hautalaan pidätettynä olevan kiinalaisen asianajajan Yang Zaixinin puolesta. Hautala on puhunut elokuvasta Kiinan Suomen suurlähettilään kanssa.[:]

Ministerin kirje suurlähetystöön 13.1.2012:

“Heidi Hautala, Minister for International Development had yesterday met with your Ambassador Mr. HUANG Xing at the dinner. They had spoken about a film “Red Forest Hotel” and Minister Hautala had promised to send some information on it. The film will be in theatres tonight.

“Red Forest Hotel” is a documentary film by Mika Koskinen who travels to Guangxi province where eucalyptus plantations are being developed by the Finnish forestry corporation, Stora Enso. The film describes problems Koskinen and lawyer Yang Zaixin have with the local administration. More information on the film can be found in www.redforesthotelthemovie.com.

In connection to the screening of the film, the producers have released a petition to free lawyer Yang Zaixin who has been under arrest since June 2011. They have sent the petition also to Finnish parliamentarians and media. Minister Heidi Hautala will follow the case. It is pertinent that the case of lawyer Yang Zaixin will be resolved in a manner that guarantees fair proceedings.”