Hautala: “EU should call for the immediate release of detained Egyptian and International human rights defenders, journalists and lawyers”

The Chairwoman of the European Parliament’s Sub-Committee for Human Rights condemns in the strongest possible terms the recent raid by Egyptian Authorities at the Hisham Mubarak Law Center, arresting its directors, human rights defenders of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and four members of the non-violent facebook group “April 6 Youth Movement”. [:]

The Chairwoman calls for their immediate and unconditional release alongside with all the Egyptian and International journalists, human rights defenders and lawyers who have been detained in violation of Egypt’s international obligations and in clear contradiction of the commitments of Egypt’s Vice President. Omar Suleiman declared on Egyptian state TV on February 3 that he was committed to an immediate reform of Egypt’s political system.

The EU should reinforce its message that such arrests run directly against the Vice President’s commitment to Egypt’s transition towards a democratic system, ensuring full respect of freedom of assembly, association, expression and peaceful protest.