EP should defend the OSCE human dimension

Heidi Hautala spoke about OSCE in the plenary session of the European Parliament on 10.11.[:]

Mr President, I very much support what Mr Bütikofer said about the need to ensure balance between the three dimensions, or baskets, of the OSCE. I would like especially to mention that we have to defend the human dimension.

I am very happy that the report takes into account the fact that the presidency-in-office, Kazakhstan, must be asked to respect the fundamental values and human rights of the OSCE in advance of the Astana Summit. We know that the situation there is far from satisfactory. There are many serious human rights violations, terrible prison conditions, etc.

I am also very pleased to see that the report includes the notion that the European Parliament must become more active in the human dimension. It is indeed a remarkable achievement that civil society can fully participate, and we must support the parallel event that civil society will organise prior to the Astana Summit. That Summit should not become a mere PR exercise for Kazakhstan.